(Taken from the original Phippy.com, no content has been changed.)

What is Phippy?

After visiting this site, most users would like to know, what exactly is Phippy? Some people may ask... "That candle guy that is on every page, is THAT Phippy?", I then casually tell them no. "Well..." they reply, "Is Phippy a person?" I shake my head. "Well... is Phippy some sort strange new religion brought about to cover up space age alien encounters with rare types of Lizards???" Taken aback by this question, I give the answer I have given the entire time, nope.

Many people may wonder "what the heck Phippy is," but the truth is, I myself do not know really what Phippy is. Phippy is an idea, a way you think about things... Although I myself may have created it, I don't really think that I am responsible for it. When you walk outside you can feel it, when you go to work, when you see Who Wants to Be A Millionaire for the 16th time this week. Phippy is all around us, and that's the way it will always be. Well, now that I have explained everything that Phippy is and is not, now let's have some fun with what Phippy COULD be...

"Unfortunately no one can be told what Phippy is... you have to see it for yourself..." Maybe Phippy could be some sort of Matrix spoof, with all the effects and such, this could be as big as Space Balls!

Coming Soon... What is Phippy?

Phippy! The new pill from the creators of Focusin! Not only will it make you heavily addicted but you'll also gradually start to evolve into a new higher form of life, walking, talking banana chips. All effects aside though, Phippy works like a charm and comes in three flavors, Strawberry, Lime and Orange. And as a special bonus, buy any 250 pack of Phippy and receive a complementary iMac! We scientists have come to decide that drugs and Macs are somehow linked together, but we are not sure why.
Tired of all those hair removal products that don't work? Then Phippy comes to the rescue, with its triple suction action, this hair removal is not for the average man! With twice the power as your average cars motor, Phippy has been proven to rip out the smallest hair follicles that may be lurking underneath your skin! Why put up with having your hair grow back after a couple of weeks? Phippy has it gone for well over a year! (Warning: Phippy may cause suffocation to various parts of your body and is not approved or endorsed by its creators). Buy now!